“His body is too small and weak, he must go through these years to live!”

Help me to save his life!

Hi, I’m Sherry, little Shimi’s mom.
Shimi was born with a rare disease that has one in 100,000 children. There are individuals in the country like him, if at all.
Put the day one year and 8 months old. But weighs 5.5 pounds, like a month-and-a-half-old boy.
Shimi’s body is so small that everything is just collapsing.
It is to live in fear that at any moment everything can go wrong.
I can sit with Shimi on the floor and play, and all of a sudden in front of my eyes his eyes start to roll, the indices go down, the pulse stops.
Every time that happens I feel like I’m losing a part of myself. I feel like something in me is burning with fear.
I’ve seen my child die so many times in the last two years,
I have said goodbye to him so many times inside. With a torn heart.
Every time like this leaves me in a terrible fear all over my body.
Shimi’s disease is very rare, the doctors tell us that if our Shimi survives until the age of 3, then things will work out and he will live.

Age 3 sounds like some more time, but for me it’s a lot.
It’s so many more days to stay with your head above water and survive, to make sure he continues to live, to make sure he does not die.
Hold the life of my little Shimi in nails!
My Shimi has a future. He has a chance to grow up and be like any normal kid.
He must only receive the appropriate treatment for the first three years.
And this treatment costs a fortune, a huge fortune.
Every day of caring for Shimi is like a counter of money ticking.
And I got to a breaking point, I have no health air from thinking about how I continue from here.
My Shimi’s life depends on money. It’s scary to say that but it’s the reality.
I beg you,
Put a smart kid who understands everything, who loves to laugh and loves me terribly, I melt from his smile every time you lift him on your hands. 

Help my Shimi survive the first three years and get the care he deserves!
Do not let me lose him.
The hope for my Shimi’s life is so close, but so far away.
Do not let my sweet child go like this!

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Just $50.00 donation to safe Shimis’s life

We hope this donations can help make a difference to Shima