“The cancer has attacked my Adele, the tumor in her stomach is spreading!”


Help me save her!

This is my Adele. The funniest and cutest girl in the world.
The cancer attacked my Adele. Valid in the strongest way possible. The tumor in the abdomen spreads and settles on all the most sensitive places there is.
My Adele does not understand much. She knows she has a “virus” called cancer. She knows that she gets up at night screaming from terrible stomach pains, and as the “ball” in her stomach the size of the pains intensifies and becomes unbearable …
But she does not know how difficult her situation is.
I try to hide my tears from her. Trying to tell her I’m strong. That she will live.
But inside I’m crushed.
We had not seen the house for months.
My countdown months of my Adele’s life is ticking.
For months I can not sleep at night because I am afraid that my vacuum Adele will not be with me. That her amazing smile will stop being in my life.
Adele is receiving harsh chemotherapy treatments, and she is a hero, a huge hero.

There’s nothing worse for me than to see her suffer like this, look at herself in the mirror and not understand how her hair falls out, vomit in a bucket by the bed in a hospital and then look at me with pleading eyes “Mom, when will it end already?”
But despite everything she finally gets up and keeps laughing, and keeps smiling and hugging us.
Last week after Adele got up from treatment, she was all dizzy and with nausea the doctor entered the room. He told me that the body no longer responds to treatment. They increase the dose but the tumor does not respond.
At that moment I fell apart, feeling that everything was so hopeless. Feels it’s all over. As if the cancer is standing there in front of us and laughing. Laughing at my little girl he has wanted to win for so long.
But he does not know how strong my family is, and how much. How much we love our Adele.

We came to a specialist doctor in the US who is doing research and experimental treatment that can save our Adele’s life.
My hands are shaking as I write this, but this is our last hope. This is the last chance I will not lose this beautiful girl, this is her chance to continue living and growing.
I need help, I need help to save this little girl, who really did no harm to anyone.
My girl who loves life so much – and life was cruel to her.
Do not let my Adele’s smile stop, I can not imagine a day forced to return home without her laughter.

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