“The treatments are crushing me, but what scares me is that I will not be able to continue them and live!”

Help me save my life, please!

Hello, my name is Avi, I’m 15 years old.

I have leukemia – a rare and very aggressive type,

It all started one day more than a year ago, when I felt severe pain in my arms and legs, we went for tests, from one doctor to another,

Until I was referred for comprehensive tests at the hospital.

The results were not long in coming – I have a very rare and aggressive type of leukemia.

I asked the doctor if I had a chance, he told me that with the right treatment I have a good chance.

I can only get the treatment in the United States, only there is a treatment for this rare type of cancer,

I’ve been in the US for a year with exhausting and painful treatments,

Foreign country, foreign language, far from the whole family,

With intense longing for friends, for studies, for my previous routine.

I feel terrible, I’m weak,

The treatments deplete every good part of my body, but also deplete the cancer.

My parents spent a lot of money, on the flights, the treatments, my stay,

And now it’s over.

They have no way to continue to pay for my treatments.

I want to keep living!

I do not want them to take me home!

I want to continue the treatments that save my life!

I want to start a family, have children, please help me save my life!

For my future!

I’ve been in isolation for a year, it’s hard for me but I’m making every effort I can to recover!

I’m turning to you to help me raise funding for treatments,

I ask you!

Help me save my life, please!

Donate to me now so I can continue the treatments that will save my life!

The Little of the Light Association helps families raise the amount needed for medical care

That their hand is unattainable and cases of tragedy.

Association number 580641116 Email: asd3110780@gmail.com

Address of Yochanan Ben Zakai 7, Beit Shemesh.

According to the association’s rules – in the event that he leaves beyond the needs of a family donation, they will be referred to similar cases in the association’s care and in accordance with its goals.

Just $50.00 donation to safe Avi’s life

We hope this donations can help make a difference to Avi