Freeroll Winnings

Player MUST Earn 100 Rake Points = 100 Players Comp Points in order to cash out.


Any player made deposit at least $25 will be eligible for withdrawal with in 24 hours. No need playing comp points.

You can accumulate Comp Points by:

Playing in poker ring games – for every $1 of your “contributed rake” you will earn 1 Comp Points. “Contributed rake” refers to how much rake you are directly responsible for, based on how much you contributed to the raked pot relative to the other players at the table. 

Playing poker tournaments – for every $10 spent on tournament fees you will earn 1 Comp Points.

ALL Players MUST be Verified in order to Withdraw.. Please send in your ID, Proof Of Address ( Utility Bill or Credit Card Bill)

ALL Withdraws are honored within 24 hours