“Just until recently I dreamed at night about my victory in a football game that I love so much, how suddenly all my dreams are just to live ???”

Help me to save Sasha’s life!

I’m Sasha. I’m 11 years old.
I would like to tell you that I really like to play football and really like to hang out with my friends. But, my life has just stopped and all I just want is … to live!
A year ago I was diagnosed with cancer.
And everything stopped.
Suddenly the ball I loved to play so much and the friends … everything changed in another world. Of pain, hospitalizations, hospitals and one big fear.
I’m scared to death.
Sometimes the tests and treatments are so painful to me that I think I give up.
I told you I love football. When I play I like to do it best and then … forever. Otherwise, what to play for? That’s how I like.

So I know how to play. But now I’m in bed. in the hospital . Suffers so much.
But I’m currently on the real field. The pitch of life. And I have to win.
Not in football. The cancer.
Must beat him.
Dad and Mom love me so much and give me full strength to fight and then I fight like a football player on the field at the most critical moment !!
I really hate this disease. I want to go back to what I was.
To return to a life I knew before this disease entered my life without permission.
I want to live. And stop this suffering that is ending me.

I understand that there is some treatment that can save me. I was really happy when I heard that.
Then I heard his sum and became sad again.
I know Mom does not have that money but she loves me so much and wants her brother to do everything for me.
So here, we turn to you.
Please, for me, for my mother who loves me so much and fights for me. Help us fund this expensive treatment that will save me,
The doctor told the mother that if she did not pay for the continuation of the treatment they would send me home, and I did not understand, how could they send me home if I still have cancer ???
How will the cancer go like this ??
How am I healthy?
So my mother and I have no choice but to ask for help. And pray that you do not ignore her.

Help us fund this treatment that will save me, that I will stop suffering already and leave this pitch of this not fun game on my life.

So need one goal. all of us together!
Will you help me win ?!
12/08/20 Update: Sasha had unexpected hospitalizations and he needs further treatment. At the request of the hospital’s social worker to continue funding the treatment, we raised the target in order to save his life.

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Just $50.00 donation to safe Sasha’s life

We hope this donations can help make a difference to Sasha