In Home Casino Parties in Israel

Casino Night Israel is the top-leading event planner in the Israel region. We are a one stop shop for everything you need for your event. Everyone dreads office parties. Employees are expected to create the image that they’re having a good time while still trying to not do anything that would ruin what their boss thinks of them. Not anymore. Throwing a poker night might just be the perfect way to show your employees how you really feel and everyone can still enjoy themselves.

We can also turn your regular Israeli home into an authentic casino environment making it seem as real and exciting as the experience of being in an actual casino. This is perfect for throwing both birthday and bachelor parties. With all the staff and equipment we provide, your party will surely be a night to remember. We are definitely up to the task of turning your home events into Israeli-caliber casinos!

Poker nights, Bachelor parties, Birthdays and More!

If you are considering an alternative to traditional casino nights at your home, try our exclusive in home poker nights. Instead of rushing to get hotel rooms or struggling to find employees to assist your guests, they will have the comforts of your home and the party can start right away. Our casinos are a fraction of the total cost of a normal night out in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. As seeing that the party will be at your home, you as the host will be able to control the alcohol consumption and amount of money that your guests bet. Our parties are extremely popular with hosts who love casino themed parties that do not get out of hand.

We take an extra step to make your poker night as real as possible by bringing real casino equipment to your home event. We offer a wide range of gaming machines to further enhance your experience. Our dealers are experts at their job. They do their absolute best to ensure that you have the best casino themed event of your life.

You name the size and type of event of the casino themed party and we can do it! We have planned private parties, business parties, and even ones for many non-profit organizations. If you wish, we may also include additional entertainment such as a magician and DJ.