Planning Your Poker Charity Fundraiser Event

Is a great way to raise money for charities or non-profits giving to worthy causes

European Series of Poker specializes in running Poker Tournament Fundraisers for Sports Teams, non-profit Charity Organizations and for Corporate Events. Taking advantage of the Texas Hold’em, we can help you raise thousands of dollars in one day with no expense to your organization.

The main objective of poker players is to win money, whether it’s at cash tables or tournaments. This objective is no different if the game of poker is played in a land-based casino or in online poker software, such as that offered at European Series of Poker. Occasionally it is also possible to play poker for charitable causes. A portion of the income generated by poker players can be donated to charity, making the game of skill profitable not only to winning players, but to worthy causes as well.

Charity poker tournaments are regularly staged to raise money for important charity organizations. Players buy-in to the events just as if they were buying in to a regular poker tournament with a cash prize pool. Some of the funds collected from players are withheld and donated to charity, whereas another amount is set aside for prizes.

Sometimes the prizes at these charity tournaments are not cash prizes, but physical prizes. Players can buy-in to the tournament, well aware that most of the money they have contributed to the tournament pot will be donated to a charity. The top place finishers in such a tournament may be rewarded with electronic goods or other such prizes.

In some cases, players’ buy-ins are matched by an organization or company hosting the charity poker tournament. The total amount of funds contributed by the players is calculated, and the host company donates a matching amount, with all the funds raised in this matter donated to the charity organization.                 

European Series of  Poker stages poker charity events from time to time, allowing its online poker players to enjoy their favorite game while contributing funds to a worthy cause.  A guaranteed prize pool is distributed to the winning players of the Poker Charity tournament, and a matching amount is given to a major charity organization on behalf of the overall tournament winner.

Rent A Poker Table For Your Next Event

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Playing poker and giving to charity can go hand in hand when playing at European Series of Poker.

The site is always looking for non-profits and charities to work with.


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