What if your attendees left your next corporate event feeling excited, competitive, and ready to go out and take on the world?

What if your next event left your team feeling like they were the stars of the show?

We understand that your event is designed to inspire, motivate, and connect your attendees. We understand that it takes competitive spirits, strategic minds and an unwavering focus to win in today’s business world. This is the experience that we are dedicated to bringing to you, your business and your participants.

Planning a corporate event is an incredible amount of work for you and your team. Our goal is to allow you to focus on your attendees and your business, while our ESOP Corporate Events team does all the planning and execution for you.

ESOP has a thorough understanding of what it takes to run a successful event. We will remove the stress from planning the perfect corporate event by handling all the details. Your attendees will be talking about this unique event experience long after the final hand is dealt.


Entertaining your attendees is essential for a successful corporate event. Hundreds of companies have turned to ESOP Corporate Events to break out of the traditional cycle of non-interactive corporate events. You can bring the energy and excitement of a Europeans Series of Poker  final table to your next event. Our team will make you and your guests feel like the stars of an episode of the  ESOP TV show.